The Longer Path Of Truth

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Jeanne McDonald
PHIL 4380
9 December 2015
The Longer Path of Truth So often in life people take shortcuts as a means to obtaining the goals they seek. Why work toward a Master’s degree when a Bachelor’s will suffice? Why ask questions about a particular candidate in an political race when it is easier to choose a party to support? Surely those in charge know more than we do, so why should we refute them? According to Plato, this attitude exhibits a lack of education (educare), which leaves a person blind to the truth. The Republic by Plato clearly defines the overall theme of education (educare) through paideia that is crucial to the purification (katharsis) of the soul (psyche) by turning the soul (psychagoge) toward the good via “the
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Only by turning the soul toward the good (psychagoge) can the true and genuine path to knowledge (episteme) be revealed. Those who rely on the physical (physis) will never recall (anamnesis) the truth (aletheia) that is hidden on the soul (psyche), thus never educing the psyche’s true identity. Education (paideia) is the pathway for the soul (psyche) to come to knowledge (episteme) with itself and turn (periagoge) toward the spectacle of truth. In order for anamnesis to take place all parts of the soul─the appetitive (epithymia), the spirited (thymos), and the rational (nous)─must be unified by justice (dike) (432a). However, dike is hidden by the narrow mindedness of those who have yet to see the light. Almost within reach, “Justice is clearly somewhere hereabouts,” dike requires the detours of the longer path to make it accessible (432b). The lover of the spectacle of truth knows justices is close by, “look sharp, and call me if you see it first,” and feels a deep compulsion within the psyche to search for justice (dike) through the longer path (432b). Those who follow down that path are warned the journey will not be easy. The spectacle of truth, while precious and pure, can be a cruel mistress, pushing the philosopher and his followers down roads less travelled in effort to reveal the good.
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