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"The Longest Day" was a mammoth project dramatizing D-day, the Allied invasion of France. It was nearly three hours in length and with an enormous ensemble cast, all playing supporting roles. The production was very conscientious about realism, the actors were always of the same nationality as their characters, and spoke in their native languages, leading to a lot of subtitles translating French and German dialogue. Although the movie was historically correct, it was also meant to be a blockbuster by starring John Wane, Robert Mitchum, Sean Connery and Henry Fonda. But The American role in the invasion is not exaggerated, and the German soldiers and officers are not portrayed as brutal stereotypes.

The date for invasion was
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Given consideration that the film was made in early sixties these things are easily forgiven. The movie did a very good job in focusing on Omaha beach where the allies had encountered most resistance. It was the most restricted and heavily defended of all beaches. The Allies had assigned one veteran division to this beach. Germans were fighting furiously to defend the beach, and the invasion of Omaha was very close to failure, but due to grate leadership, the Allis were able to get inland. There were 2 400 casualties in the fist 2 hours. The movie also showed the other four beaches but it didn’t focus on them as much as Omaha beach, and the air drop.

12000 aircraft supported the land invasion force, the plan was to divide the German forces, to ease the landing on the beaches. The paratroops were suppose to be dropped off in a small aria between the city, which was occupied by Germans, and the swamp aria, which was purposely flooded by the Germans, and flank them. The movie did an amazing job in reproducing this event. Due to the bad weather the man got scattered all over the place, people fell into wells, landed in trees, fell through the roofs, and many had drowned in the swamp. One part of the movie shows an English solder landing in a courtyard full of German solders. He was immediately apprehended and taken to German
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