The Longest Memory

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The Longest Memory
- 2 dead wives, second wife „Cook“, loves her very much
- 22 daughters, only one son
One day after his mother’s death, Chapel, Whitechapel’s son, fled from the plantation. The master of the plantation, Mr. Whitechapel, told the deputy that they should wait whit Chapel’s punishment if he returned, till him himself returned from his voyage. However the deputy left the plantation before Chapel was caught because he was selfish and wanted to see his wife. When Chapel was caught the overseer of the plantation, Mr. Sanders Junior, did not listen to Whitechapel and the other slaves and punished Chapel by giving him 200 lashes. Chapel died because of the whipping.
Whitechapel blames himself for not having further
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Both love each other, but they are very desperate that they can’t live together. Lydia even wishes to be black or Chapel to be white. When Lydia hears that up in the North black and white people live together, she gets hope. She and Chapel plan their future up there. Lydia wants to travel abroad with her mother and her brother (pretending she is looking for a man) and there meet with Chapel. They don’t say how they want to bring Chapel into the North. You have to know that a black slave walking around outside of the plantation will mostly not survive this because he is killed or caught by his plantation masters and then severely punished. I assume that Chapel’s escape was a try to get to Northern America. But unhappily he was caught and whipped to death.
After Chapel’s death she is writing letters to the editor of “The Virginian” and he praises her intelligence but neglects her ideas of relationships between black men and white women.

Great granddaughter:
The second last chapter is written from the view of Whitechapel’s Great Granddaughter. The reader learns that as a child she dreamt of Africa and that she likes Whitechapel. But after he Chapel was whipped to death, Whitechapel is in her opinion not the same person anymore. At the end of this chapter we learn that Whitechapel has died.

Sanders Junior:
In the last chapter Sanders is speaking to the now-dead Whitechapel. He apologises for
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