The Longest Memory: Techniques and Structure Used to Illustrate Points of View

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Whitechapel is the focal character of D’Aguiar’s novel, The Longest Memory however, the author has used a great many other characters whose stories also stand-alone. Why has D’Aguiar structured his novel in this way and how does it lead the reader to an understanding of the impacts of slavery? D’Aguiar’s central purpose is to make us reflect upon American society during the slavery era and to acknowledge its realities so that we understand the capability for evil that exists in society. D’Aguair has used Whitechapel and his memories to encapsulate the brutality and inhumanity of slavery. The succeeding narratives further our understanding of the society and these are presented in a manner that…show more content…
The Longest Memory is structured as an arrangement of separate narratives. D’Aguair has done this so that society is recreated in a way that encapsulates the reader in the lives of these characters; these narratives are used to voice the opinions of the voices of society. The voices have been used so that the opinions of everyone can be given so that the themes that
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