The Looking Glass Wars Character Analysis

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In the story, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, the author writes a spin on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. The story begins with Princess Alyss Hart whose life is turned upside down when her Aunt Redd takes over the queendom forcing Alyss into hiding.Eventually Alyss returns home, claims her throne and restores peace to the queendom.Beddor puts a new spin on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with a variety of themes like,determination.This is shown throughout the book by many different characters like Alyss,Hatter,and Queen Genevieve. One character who shows determination is Queen Genevieve.In the begining of the story, Queen Genevieves castle is invaded by Redd and her troops.She is forced into combat with her sister,Redd. ”Take Alyss and go,”(65)”she says to Hatter.I’ll follow you if and when I can.You keep the princess safe until she is old enough to rule.She is the only chance Wonderland has to survive”(65).Genevieve sacrifies herself and sends her daughter down the pool of tears for the queendom, determined to save it. Another person who shows determination is Alyss Hart.When Alyss is in the looking…show more content…
But he understood that Wonderland’s future depended on Alyss’ survival.The queendom was more important than any single queen.He lifted his eyes to Genevieve, ”I promise,”he said”(650) Hatter took many risks for Alyss due to his determination to find her.”But what if his theory was wrong?What if this puddle led to some unknown destination instead of back to Wonderland? Stepping into it is a serious risk. For Alyss’ sake,and for that of the queendom,it was one he had to take.”(147).Hatters determination to find Alyss is the reason the queendom peace was
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