The Loosest Slots

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We are a society not just surrounded by marketing but immersed in it. We pass billboards as we drive, endure commercials as we watch television, scroll past ads on websites, and promote particular brands in our choice of clothing, cars, and home décor. The depth of analysis and research that goes into each ads design, placement, and medium should be considered. A billboard for “The Loosest Slots” is placed near the casino’s exit along the highway to entice drivers to stop and play. Commercials for toys are aired on children’s satellite and cable television channels specifically so the child knows what to request their parent’s buy them. Ads on websites are based on our previous search histories so the items we are being shown are items we are…show more content…
Dinner’s Done has a target market of families of four, with the want to eat healthy, and time constraints. They need to be frequently engaged by the marketing campaign but in a cost-efficient manner. The parents of these families will have the purchasing power and the need to provide dinner and thus are the group to engage. The element of time constraints alone make television and print less desirable avenues to engage the target market than online. If the parents are too busy to prepare meals from scratch, we should assume they do not spend very much time watching television or reviewing things in print such as newspapers and magazines. However, the majority of the population have smart phones and are constantly connected to the internet. Whether at work, running errands, or bustling kids to extra-curricular activities, our target market will have their phones with them. They will peruse Facebook, check Twitter, and scroll through Instagram, as well as, execute searches on Google. This is the most efficient and cost effective manner to reach them on a frequent bases, online through their social media and search…show more content…
If a person has liked quick and easy recipe posts or healthy living/eating posts I would pay for the ad to be included in their feed. Also, using these online platforms offers the opportunity to pair with specific family or healthy living groups on each media platform to promote Dinner’s Done to their followers. If a person has searched for quick and easy healthy recipes on Google, I would want Dinner’s Done ads to be present whenever they open a browser to make any searches. For example, when I have researched Quest Bars in the past, my later unrelated searches would include advertisements for Quest Bars. My search engine collected data on my past searches and then used this knowledge to target me with specific ads. I would want the search engine to do the same for Dinner’s Done. I would also want anyone searching for easy healthy meal recipes to be presented with a link to Dinner’s Done website. The consumer could click on the link and learn about our product and how it could simplify their life while giving the best quality to their families. This would mean creation and maintenance of a Dinner’s Done website. Through using all of these online avenues Dinner’s Done would frequently be presented to the target market in the most efficient
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