The Lorax Allusions

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Dr. Seuss story The Lorax is filled with allusions and themes, that reference the Bible, American history, and other books. The Lorax published in 1971, and in the 1970s American history it was the environmental movement and laws were passed to clean the air and water. The story of the Lorax portrayed how nature is something that needs to be protected and not destroyed by big factories. Ted goes on a quest to find a real tree, a truffula tree that the Lorax protects to impress a girl. On his journey, he met the Once-ler, the man who knows what happen to all the truffula trees. Ted also encounters Mr. O’Hare, the mayor of Thneedville and the owner of the biggest company in Thneedville. O’Hare was consumed with making more money and…show more content…
When he cut down the first tree it reference George Washington cuts the cherry tree. Washington, the man of truth, lied about cutting the tree, but eventually told the truth. Once-ler did the same thing. He told the Lorax that a bear cut down the tree by placing the axe near the bear, but eventually admitted that he cut down the tree. He cut down one tree that gave him the opportunity for success, and he said a choice. One to continue cutting the trees and create threes to be wealthy or listen the guardian, the Lorax, and stop cutting the trees down. The Once-ler choose wealth. He sang a song called "How Bad Can I Be?". In his song he mentions Charles Darwin 's theory of survival of the fittest, and how he is stronger than the animals and the Lorax. The song continues to describe Once-ler 's success and the customers are enjoying the thneeds. He does not "care if a few trees are dying" (Lorax movie). But at the beginning of the song Once-ler was dressed in a casual shirt and jean outfit, and later changed into a full green outfit, including gloves. The colour green symbolizes Once-ler 's wealth and greed for money. The repetition of the phrase "how bad can I be" showed how Once-ler greed was consuming him, and how he became more selfish throughout the song. Eventually, Once-ler realized his actions put the truffula trees into extinction and all of the animals that were once his friends were gone, and he regretted his actions.
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