The Lorax And Jabberwocky: A Comparison

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“The Lorax” and “Jabberwocky” are both similar and different in many distinct ways. Doesn't one need to point them out? I can name three ways right here, right now. We can both clarify them together and you’ll see, how these stories can really be. I’ve noticed what makes the two stories actually different than one other. And also the same. Hopefully, you’ll name those ways quicker than a cheetah can run a few miles. (Of course not that fast). Why don't we get right along to those differences and similarities right away?

The themes are both very dissimilar. One, teaching us about our surroundings and the other, teaching us about ourselves and who we need to be.“The Lorax’s” theme is about nature and not to ruin the heart of the world: the land it all started on. In “The Lorax” they show us the repercussions we have to
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Well, “The Lorax” and “Jabberwocky” are not all that different. They both have the use of nonsense words! “The Lorax” has many nonsense words such as “gruvvulous” and “snuvv”. Organisms have nonsense names too like “Bar-ba-loot” and “Swomee swans”. “Jabberwocky” has more use of nonsense words but still is similar to “The Lorax” in this way. Words used are “vorpal” and “gyre” and “wabe”. Organisms are also named with nonsense words for example, “Bandersnatch”, “Tumtum tree”, “Jubjub bird”. Even the title is a word not known to be! At last, a similarity! You didn’t think these stories were all that different, did you?

So “The Lorax” and “Jabberwocky” are different in the theme and antagonists with their intentions. But they were the same in using nonsense words. That’s the part that makes you laugh and realize why these are unique stories with meaning that need to be heard. I personally thought that by finding these little differences and similarities made me more connected with the stories. We should all look out for these when reading new stories, poems, and even when viewing a movie! Look deeper,
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