The Lorax

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JEZZIE KAYE P. RUIZ III-TAE ANIMATED FILM MOVIE: DR.SEUSS’ THE LORAX ACTORS * the Lorax, a grumpy yet charming orange creature with a large moustache. * the Once-ler, a man who recounts how his discovery of the Truffula Forest as a young man led to its depletion. * Ted Wiggins, an idealistic 12-year-old boy. * Audrey, an older girl and Ted's love interest * Aloysius O'Hare, the mayor of Thneedville and head of the "O'Hare Air" company that supplies fresh air to Thneedville residents. * Grammy Norma, Ted's grandmother * Mrs. Wiggins, Ted's mother * the Once-ler's mother. * Uncle Ubb, the Once-ler's uncle. * Aunt Grizelda, the Once-ler's aunt. * Brett and Chet, the Once-ler's brothers.…show more content…
To convince them otherwise, Ted takes an earthmover and rams down a section of the city wall to reveal the environmental destruction outside. Horrified at the sight and inspired by Ted's conviction, the crowd defies O'Hare, with his own henchmen expelling him from the town. The seed is finally planted, and Audrey kisses Ted on the cheek. Time passes and the land starts to recover; new trees sprout, the animals begin to return, and the redeemed Once-ler is happily reunited with the Lorax who has also returned. LESSON The story is all about taking care of mother nature. The movie has a lot of messages. First, it is telling us to stop deforestation and pollution. Second, it tells us not to use too much of one thing. Third, it’s telling us to recycle things that can be recycled. The story is also trying to tell people that if its only one person doing a good thing and the rest are not, nothing good will result from the person’s good did. The movie leaves an amazing message to the viewers, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ARTISTRY I liked the artistry of the movie. It is a light, bouncy, and candy-colored movie. I liked how they made everything to be easily understood by the children. The movie was really colorful and an eye-opener. How they portrayed the Truffula Trees was really good. The trees were really colorful. The musics used in the movie were really nice

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