The Lord God And His Oppressive Punishment

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The Lord God and his Oppressive Punishment
According to Genesis in the Hebrew bible’s story of Adam and Eve, The Lord God is the creator of everything and an authoritarian. The Lord God is the supreme being in the story where he has absolute power and expects obedience from his creatures or subjects. The Lord God created the universe, the earth, the land, the seas, plants, and all living creatures. The Lord God also created the first humans, which were Adam and Eve. The Lord God placed them in Eden, which was a beautiful land with beautiful creatures, fresh water and many edible fruit trees. In Eden, Adam and Eve were supposed to settle down live their life 's out for eternity. The Lord God had only one rule, he instructed them not eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Sadly, Adam and Eve couldn 't obey the only rule in Eden and were punished. Some may think it was Eve’s fault for listening to the serpent or it was the serpent’s fault for convincing Eve. However, after a close analysis of the story , the Lord God behaved in an authoritarian manner after it was clear of Adams and Eves disobedience.
The Lord God was behaving in an authoritarian manner because he is the absolute ruler. He is the creator of everything and whether or not eating the fruit was a good or an evil act, he had his reasons for not wanting Adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Some may think knowledge is good, but they might also say that certain knowledge can hurt…

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