The Lord Is Good And Evil

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Psalms begins with many metaphors. The Lord continues to make covenants with prophets on Earth. Psalms are very short; they are pretty straightforward, unlike many of the other chapters of the Bible. The Lord continues to listen to his people as they ask for his forgiveness and pity. Sacrifices are made for the Lord to show their worshipping ways. Psalms continues in a happy uplifting tone, where the people continue to ask for forgiveness because the people have finally praised God the way God always wanted them to. The Lord accepts the prays of his people and grants them with forgiveness. The assembly of the people was gathered and judged by their righteous God, not allowing men to repent against God. God, honoring the people who admire…show more content…
God is good but he also has complete control over everything. The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s, begins with woman speaking seducing words for the King. They ask many questions and expect many answers from the king. They have many gifts for the King and the King continues to speak to the women telling them how beautiful they are. They believe to be the most valuable women in the kingdom, seducing many different men across. The time of singing is upon the people and spring arrives. The man and woman are very happy with each other; they continue to speak with each other on where their heart sets. The women begin to notice many different things from the forest, and she notices that it is Solomon. The woman is very interested in what Solomon has to offer. I’m quite confused, I can’t tell if she was talking to herself during that episode or talking to someone else. The woman is very worried that her beloved is near and thrills her with love. She begins to imagine many different outcomes that include her beloved. I’m not sure who her beloved is or what it is at that matter. Songs of Songs is the exact same story over and over and over again. The city is now lonely, but the people of the provinces have become slaves. Judah is now in exile and the woman dread what might come upon the nations next. Jerusalem’s people fell into sin and became filthy. God has killed everyone who was good in our eyes but not in his, Zion begins to talk bad
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