The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation

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Introduction The Lord is my light and my salvation (Ps 27:1), In Psalm 27 David talks about his faith with God. Firstly I am going to discuss what this Psalm meant to David and the context in which he wrote this as the young leader of the ancient Israelites. Also discussing how Psalm 27 is written in three separate parts at different periods of David’s life, but focussing on verses one to three. Secondly, we will relate what this scripture means to modern society in the context of both the New Testament and how Jesus refers to himself as the light in John. And also how this can be practised in society today. Thirdly I will discuss how this scripture relates to my own personal walk with the Lord. Describing how with the Lord as my light, life has both direction and meaning. It will be concluded that Psalm 27 is as relevant today for the modern readers of the bible as it was when it was written. Them It is not accurately known when King David wrote verses one to three of Psalm 27 . However it is assumed it was written after David’s battle with Goliath which takes part in 1Samuel , this was when David was still a small boy, before he ever became King David. 1 Samuel was written around 900BC. Psalm 27 verses one to three where written at a time when all of David’s prayers were being answered . As we continue to read this Psalm it develops that not always did God answer David’s prayers, that even in ancient Israel, the Israelites had seasons in their lives. The verses of
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