The Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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The theme of The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, is the reason society is flawed is because people are flawed. Although Piggy is knowledgeable, he has many flaws including his laziness and physical inabilities. Ralph is an authority seeker. He sets rules and laws, yet does little to enforce them. Ralph wants to be the ruler, without doing the work to enforce his laws. Jack is persistent. He is rude, harsh and violent in order to get what he wants. He wants to be supreme. Piggy’s flaws are impactful in the story. His laziness and lack of physical ability hurt him in his quest for survival. Piggy is incapable of completing physical undertakings. This, in turn, lowers Piggy 's chance of survival on the island. Piggy brings forth a suggestion to make a sundial clock. Ralph explains his feelings about Piggy’s ideas. “… his matter-of-fact ideas were dull…” (Golding 65). “Piggy was an outsider, not only by accent, which did not matter, but by fat, and ass-mar, and specs, and a certain disinclination for manual labor” (Golding 65). Ralph exclaims the group doesn 't have the supplies for a sundial clock and thinks Piggy is uneducated. Ralph states Piggy just thinks of impractical ideas while he sits and does no physical labor. Piggy is different and does not blend in with the others, not only physically but he has a unique personality as well. Ralph wants complete control of the island. He wants to be in command of everything while he sits back and does nothing. Ralph gives

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