The Lord Of The Flies: Character Analysis

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Imagine being a passenger on a plane that crash landed leaving survivors stranded on an island, with no chance of being rescued. Now imagine being a young child in that situation with no other survivors on said island older than age 12. Another option is to simply read The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a book that tells the story of a plane full of preteens to kindergarteners crashing on an island, leaving those who survived stranded. In the beginning the group remains civil but by the end of the story the lack of adult supervision and true societal structure allows for the dark side of most of the children to take over. Throughout The Lord of the Flies the author uses setting, character development, and conflict to develop the theme that complete isolation and lack of law and order leads to savagery. One obvious story element that contributes to the development of the theme of isolation as well as inadequate law and order leading to savage thoughts and actions is the setting. A main cause of the decline in the kids civilized beliefs and behavior is the isolation they experience from being alone on an island with no adults and no way out. Disastrous outcomes result from young developing minds being surrounded and influenced by nothing but other young developing minds for truly extended periods of…show more content…
If kids are left alone on a desert island with no supervision and no consequences for any punishable behavior or specific actions, they will change over time. This change, or development of character, shows the inevitable transition to a savage lifestyle and environment. This transition now encourages conflict, while the conflict simultaneously encourages increasingly savage acts. Given the conditions illustrated by the words of Golding, the manifestation of the boy’s primal selves was quite
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