The Lord Of The Flies Critical Analysis

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Literature doesn’t necessarily have to fit it into the reader’s life, novels like Fahrenheit 451 or 1984 lack major connections to teenage life, but are still taught in school, a book should teach a lesson or give food for thought, this book does. The Lord of the Flies is a novel that has become a mainstay in high school literature for decades, some detractors of this book believe that, since it has nothing to do with high school teens, its main audience, it should be removed from public schools. However, the Lord of the Flies acts as a social experiment, allowing for discussion of the way rules control our interactions in society. In addition to this, the book shouldn’t be removed from school since it also teaches how young people are…show more content…
On the other hand, those with darker intentions like Roger, will act and follow through on their darkest desires once there’s nothing there to stop them. This holds true to how teens interact with laws in society, like deciding to listen to a rule or not, a rule being an obstacle in the way of someone’s plans, or a law that is viewed as the best for society.
The book should be maintained as a standard in the classroom because it discusses the topics of innocence, bystanderism, and vulnerability. Out of ignorance, in the pouring rain and lightning, The clan of boys savagely beat Simon to death. They had thought he was the mythical beast on the island. Many excuses were made, but one to point out is Piggy’s, “That's right we was on the outside, we never seen nothing”(Golding 158) he exclaimed, after the topic of Simon’s death arose. Bystanding while bad things happen to others is a common theme, a belief that if you ignore it, it’ll go away, like how the boys decide if they deny they were at the scene of Simon’s death, it’ll make feel slightly less responsible for it, although they were all part of it. They try to deny their loss of innocence, and make them

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