The Lord Of The Flies Essay

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“In absence of orders, go find something and kill it” Erwin Rommel world war II 7th panzer division general. It doesn’t seem to have much to do with lord of the flies but it does. When these boys are in left alone they start fighting and pick sides. In the Second World War people picked sides. These boys go into a small war of their own and it is brutal and has one evil over powering faction in this book the history’s most notorious generals, leaders, and even dictators are represented by these boys. Ralph and piggy are the books two protagonist that seem to try to support their followers. In the war Britain tried to do everything possible to support the country’s that were attacked. Ralph is seen as the strong leader who never lets any one…show more content…
Jack is a boy who start out as a leader in an almost military like stature in charge of the choir. He becomes with his hunter wanting to make them more powerful and focused an arming them. He also is desperate to be in charge. In The Lord of the Flies jack says “I ought to be chief” (Golding 22). This shows that he thinks he is the only person who should be leader. When they talk about the hunters he says “They could be an army” (Golding page 23). This sentence is by the one that sets up jack’s idea of his “hunters” his hunters start out as a group of boys then evolved into this deadly group of savages that could barely be called human. In later pages jack is desired giving his army newer weapon and upgrading them. Heinrich Himmler was the head of the Nazi SS, the Nazi honor guard, and he was obsessed with building this army. “Himmler immediately began expanding the SS, which reached a membership of more than 50,000” This article claims (Heinrich Himmler). Him and roger have one thing in common instants gain of power. When Jack became chief of his hunter tribe roger became a second in command for the army. Himmler also led the campaign to exterminate the Jewish with his death camps. Roger would lead the campaign by jack to hunt the other boys and make them join or kill them. These two boys depicted evil but in this book one boy depicts the
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