The Lord Of The Flies Humanity Essay

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The Onion of Humanity
At its core, is mankind essentially good, or does it use law and order to mask its evil? Through his book The Lord of the Flies, William Golding causes questions concerning the ethicality of humanity to rise to the surface of the mind. The stripping away of distractions and structure he depicts in his all-too-real novel reveals society’s true nature. As a reader studies the settings, characters and plots of Lord of the Flies and how they relate to significant events in recent times, Golding’s message of the evil nature of humanity becomes increasingly clear and impactful.
Golding’s specific choice of setting and characters assists greatly in showing the essentially cruel and inhumane nature of humanity. For example, his …show more content…

During recent times in Syria, the president used chemical weapons against his own people. He caused permanent damage and pain to much of the population. This reflects Jack’s tyranny over his tribe. For example, in Chapter 10, the reader finds out that he beats and ties up a boy named Wilfred for no apparent reason. This detail serves to show how Jack transforms into an absolute savage, stopping at nothing. It seems he does not mind if he must harm his own tribe in order to achieve what he wants. As Jack abuses his power and uses it against his tribe, so does the president of Syria. This proves that wickedness lies at the center of humanity, as many individuals show themselves willing to detriment others to achieve their own ways. Another example comes in the form of abortion. Similar to how Jack and his hunters refuse to see the sow and her piglets as intelligent organisms who can feel fear and pain, so America refuses to see unborn children as human beings who experience life functions and emotions. Somehow, the world assumes that eradicating these unborn humans passes as acceptable. Even if the fact that these children live as separate beings from their mothers exists as common knowledge, many still hesitate to believe it. Even though society knows this as an actuality, they still choose to reject it and end many young lives instead. The ignorance and numbness of humanity towards these tragedies that happen daily without notice proves that at mankind’s core lies great

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