The Lord Of The Flies: Movie Analysis

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A bunch of boys, some being young, the oldest being around 14, have been stranded on an island with no one knowing where they are. They have to try their best to survive and get rescued so they can get off the island. But then again, they are boys and not everyone gets along, no matter how bad the situation. The boys in the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding portrays this. With all of the boys getting along, somewhat, and being on the same page, how did the situation get so bad? How could mainly three boys make decisions so bad it would lead to violence? Should not their priorities be the same, to get off the island?
Ralph is the guy who is the guy everyone wants to be and be around. The one in movie who always has light shining on him,
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This causes a divide between Ralph and Jack. This is shown on pages 96-97. Jack had just killed a pig and the hunters had finished roasting it. Jack gave the meat to everyone but Piggy. Ralph stood up for Piggy and made Jack give some meat to Piggy to eat. Jack believed that even though Piggy did absolutely nothing ne got the meat. Jack yelled at Piggy after Ralph told him to give some pig meat to Piggy. Jack hated that Ralph gave Piggy the chance to eat the it when he was no help on the island whatsoever. Then more importantly there was the conflict between Jack’s priorities and Ralph’s. In the book, Jack and his hunters were given the tasks of getting meat and keeping the signal fire going. Jack’s priority was to get the meat and kill the pig he got quite obsessed over it, as shown on page 66. Ralph was talking to Jack about hunting and how Jack couldn’t kill the pig. Jack bursts out saying that next time he will kill the it. Ralph on the other hand cares about keeping the fire on, so it can emit smoke and let someone know who is there. Jack, since he only cared about killing the pig, let the fire go out multiple times, making Ralph frustrated. There were these two conflicts along with the rivalry for power. Throughout the whole book Jack is craving power. Power like Ralph’s not just the power that comes from being the leader of the hunters. Jack showed that he wanted to be on page 177. Jack insults Ralph and asks the rest of the boys if they want him to be chief or not. These two conflicts combines led to the end of the book, where Ralph is being hunted by Jack and rest of the boys. They hunted Ralph as if he were a
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