The Lord Of The Flies

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Nahuel Pittamiglio
Mrs. Cohen
CP English 10 - G
30 May 2015
Lord of the Flies Research Paper

Evils are what drive all of the negative things in society. Characteristics of evil are all around us in our everyday lives. political leaders, celebrities, People we idolize show characteristics of evil. Even small insignificant roles in society hold certain evils in their motives. Throughout this story these evils were for once boldly stated for all to understand. The games the boys play,the fire they set, and their rescue, in the Lord of the flies shows the theme that evil is inside every man. In many instances in the book the boys show the true evils of themselves. Greed, Cruelty, and Irony is key to the entire story. Greed is a huge
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He clearly doesn 't deal with not getting what he wants. Later in the book he also says this, "Before the party had started a great log had been dragged into the center of the lawn and Jack, painted and garlanded, and sat there like an idol. There were piles of meat on green leaves near him, and fruit, and coconut shells full of drink." (Golding 9) This is only one of many examples in which Jack expressed his greed for power and tendencies to control everything around him even while not in common society. Another important flaw in Lord of the Flies is cruelty. The cruel nature of the boys was expressed throughout the book, and one significant character that was extremely cruel was once again, Jack. The other boys are intimidated by Jack after he hits piggy. He also brakes Piggy’s glasses, he steals them and refuses to give them back regardless of Piggy’s plea. During chapter 11 he attacks Ralph’s tribe, beats uo Wilfred, and he ties up Samneric and then making him tell where Ralph’s hiding places were located, he tried to kill Ralph, and He also would kill pigs to prove he was more powerful than all the other boys. Jack 's face swam near him. "And you shut up! Who are you, anyway? Sitting there telling people what to do. You can 't hunt, you can 't sing—“ "I 'm chief. I was chosen.” "Why should choosing make any difference? Just giving orders that don 't make any sense " (Golding 238-241). This shows that as soon as Jack doesn 't
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