The Lord Of The Flies

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Dated back to the earliest days of humans and the formation of societies, the idea of a Utopian societies have been a struggle to bring a perfect world. There are many pressures and flaws of humans and societies when you have various groups together. In the books listed below the authors further enlighten us on these issues compared to dystopia. Three of the books with these examples included: Fahrenheit 451, The Maze Runner and The Lord of the Flies and two movies: book of Eli and The Giver all have clear examples of these stories point out the problems of our societies have today or when they were written. They reflect society 's issues by creating fictional stories. For example, the book The Lord of the Flies, the author uses these kids to show that there are two types of government, a government that talks and discusses the problems they face and a government that is ruled by power and fear (military); as we know that natural instincts of fear would drive us to joining the government with absolute power just to keep ourselves safe. In the book Lord of the Flies by, William Golding there are a group of young innocent boys became witness and apart of the dark side of humanity. A group of boys had great hope when disaster struck and their plane crashed. They attempted to survive in an unsupervised and isolated environment. The young boys decided to elect a leader, Ralph. Ralph strived to establish rules for housing and sanitation however during their journey Jack

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