The Lord Of The Rings And Ranger 's Apprentice

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We were obsessed with our game. It was a wonderful game full of magic and possibility, and I treated it more important than the magic and possibility of having a sister. The game really began in earnest when Ethan, Dallin, my sister Joy and I read The Lord of the Rings and Ranger’s Apprentice within the same year. Both were bursting with wizards, elves, dragons, and unspeakable evil. After a rampage of pages we were drenched in fantasy. In our game we became the characters we had left behind in the books and others we invented, that were usually even weirder than the ones from books. A day stands out in my head, this day changed my perspective on sisters. I was at Dallin’s civil war era, 400-acre property with my family. His house was grand in the way a lichen covered boulder is, more remarkable for its past and size than anything else. My family was staying the night there and Ethan’s family had driven over for the day. Our three large families were close friends and when we got together it was a cozy and chaotic mess. It was the perfect place for our imagination to run rampant. I was currently a magical, elvish warrior. Joy was also a warrior elf and I was glaring at her for copying me. Of course, she’d been doing that since the moment she was born, we were nearly identical besides our height, both having blue eyes, thick dirty blond hair, and prominent noses like Daddy. Ethan was a Ranger, and Dallin a gruesome orc. Dallin was the only one who liked to play the bad

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