The Lord of the Flies Only Came to Use the Phone

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The Lord of the Flies Only Came to Use the Phone The authors of “I Only Came to use the Phone” and Lord of the Flies show that human nature is to be corrupt and savage. In both texts the authors use juxtaposition to show how characters in both stories effectively personify these characteristics, either by being placed in situations they are not accustomed to, or by being in power and abusing it. In “I Only Came to Use the Phone” Maria is juxtaposed against the matrons to show corruption and savagery throughout the insane asylum. In Lord of the Flies, however, Jack is juxtaposed against Ralph and Piggy to demonstrate the savagery and corruption that can is seen in Jack’s character. The juxtaposition created in Lord of the Flies is used…show more content…
The change from the intense threat of the matron to the idea of summer, a time of happiness and relaxation, demonstrates juxtaposition by highlighting the matron’s words and then quickly changing the subject. Marquez does this to make the reader see the irony in the corruption of the matron. The matron, someone who is supposed to help Maria, ends up hurting her for her own personal gain. Marquez uses juxtaposition another time to show the savagery of the same matron who tries to take advantage of Maria. He shows this by having her threaten Maria’s life: Maria’s price, which she demanded in advance, was that the matron send a message to her husband. The matron agreed, on the condition that their dealings be kept an absolute secret. And she pointed an inexorable forefinger at her. “If they ever find out, you die.” And so, on the following Saturday, Saturno the Magician drove to the asylum for women in the circus van, which he had prepared for Maria’s return. (87) This matron gets what she wants by eventually having Maria give up and try to do something to get out of the asylum. However, in exchange for Maria’s body, Maria makes a deal with the matron, who proves her savagery by threatening to kill Maria if she ever tells anyone that she is being taken advantage of. This savagery is accentuated by the knowledge that Saturno is coming up to see Maria. This proves to the reader that Maria had held up her end of the bargain and had

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