The Lord of the Flies: The Bullies World

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Lord of the Flies: The Bullies World Bullying in the schools of today harms the innocent students all because of the at home violence the bully had received I will talk about the risk of bullying along with the effect bullying has on students. Bullying has affected people since the dawn of time. The first reference that a bullying scenario was recorded is found in the Bible. This relates to Lord of the Flies in the way bullying took over their lives. From the story to today’s world, they are similar methods of bullying found in both, from making fun of a nerd to beating up a kid these are found in both. Some students wonder what bullying means and why it affects health to the bullied. Bullying is defined as a form of youth violence by attacking or intimidating with the goal to hurt, cause fear in the way of physical abuse, teasing or by causing rumors. Bullying can also be in the forms of technology through social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The bullying ways always involve an imbalance of powers between the bully and the bullied, this resulting in physical injury, social and emotional problems such as being a loner, and eventually leading to suicide. Even though bullies hurt people in terrible ways, they may have been hurt too. The bullies seem to have something in common with their at home life. Many bullies have harsh parents that might indicate why they do what they do to students. If they
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