The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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LOTF: Good vs Evil Change is inevitable. In Lord of the Flies, three of the characters represent how the human condition can change. Each character handles situations and conditions differently. Their conflicts challenge their existence and eventually lead to their demise. In Lord of the Flies, during the wage of war between good and evil, the true face of everyone is revealed, whether it be Roger, Simon, or the children as a group. There are a lot of ways that good and evil are represented in this book. I am mostly going to be talking about evil. In "Lord of the Flies" Roger represents evil and Satan. In the beginning when Roger was throwing rocks near Henry, he was still good. Because he knew the old taboo of things, throwing rocks…show more content…
The first is that Jack want’s to get the older boys away from the conch, which is a symbol for democracy and order in the book. This alone would only suggest another, closely related idea in “Lord of the Flies,”civilization vs. savagery, but he follows that statement up with “and all that” (Golding 133). This could be interpreted as him just being a child who couldn’t complete his thought, but since most of the book is symbolic, and stands for something else, it could be reasoned that he is referring to the invisible barriers put around us by society, which stop us from doing the things that the “evil” inside us wants to do. If this is true, which is very likely, then Jack wants to relieve the boys of this, so that they can feel free to do the things they truly desire. This leads to second meaning of the quote. Jack follows his first statement with, “ We’ll kill a pig and give a feast.” (Golding 133). Once again, without any background knowledge this seems like nothing, but it is demonstrating the prevalence of the boy’s need to kill throughout the book. Wanting to kill, is the “evil” that lives in the boys. This is most prevalent in Roger, who is a complete sociopath. The second confrontation between good and evil between the boys as a group is in the morning after the death of simon. Killing simon, stripped any and all innocence away from the boys. In giving into their evil they deliberately killed simon
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