The Lordship Of Jesus Christ

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(a) The Lordship of Jesus Christ
The church which exists currently is a merger of two churches. A deeply entrenched divide exists between members of a previous congregation, which is from the Evangelical United Brethren tradition, and the Methodist church with which it merged. During my first few months at the church, I heard all about the issues from many individuals, with each person lobbying for my support of their point of view.
I met with some of the people who had held leadership roles in the church which closed down and merged with the existing church. I listened closely to their views of the events that had created the tension. Like most tensions, there were legitimate points of view on both sides. Although I am an associate pastor, even then many people wanted to share their stories with me, informing me that the property and assets of their previous church are being misused or utilized wrongly by the current administration.
In my view, however, the real issue for us as a church is whether we are obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. Will we subordinate Christ to the passion of our points of view, or will we be willing to submit to the vision which would help the gospel of Jesus Christ reach out to the unreached.
On a superficial level, where it is largely not visible, the financial debacle has divided the congregation. The church is tethered to that conflict to the point where fellowship is broken and ministry is nearly aborted. During the coffee time in the…

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