The Los Angeles Area Is A Major Development Boom

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The Los Angeles area is currently undergoing a major development boom but it has not included enough affordable housing to to address housing shortages and great housing costs. Within the past few years the area has begun to address its severe urban sprawl issues by providing developers with density bonuses and improving the walkability of certain urban centers but this still has not done enough to keep pace with the housing demand.
How can Los Angeles meet the housing needs of this extremely large and rapidly growing population in a sustainable fashion? The Los Angeles area doesn 't need more sprawl that’s for sure and the shear size of the city itself lends itself to a logical step: Urban Infill.
What is Urban Infill?
“Urban infill is defined as new development that is sited on vacant or undeveloped land within an existing community, and that is enclosed by other types of development. The term "urban infill" itself implies that existing land is mostly built-out and what is being built is in effect "filling in" the gaps.The term most commonly refers to building single-family homes in existing neighborhoods but may also be used to describe new development in commercial, office or mixed-use areas.”(National League of Cities, Sustainable Cities Institute)
Literature Review
In my research I found that according to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report Los Angeles County happens to have an abundance of vacant lots as well as underutilized lots that are zoned
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