The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

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For my enrichment report, I decided to take a trip to the Los Angeles County Museum. However, I was trapped with the challenging choice of choosing only one museum for my cultural visit. Since, there are so many prodigious and amazing museums to choose from to visit in the county. But, I have heard many great feedbacks about the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from fellow classes mates, friends and family. So, I finally, had my destination set to and planned a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Upon my visit my attention was already fixated on the unique building layout and the many arts exhibited located all around the outside of the museum building. There were several building that housed the many different art exhibits. Such as the first building I walked into, after purchasing a ticket. This building was called the “Ahmanson” building, which housed voluminous and diverse art of the European, Islamic, South and Southeast Asian Art, Art of the Ancient World, Art of the Pacific and Others. There were also many special exhibitions that was hosted at the time of my visit, such as the modern art gallery and Rifkin Gallery for German Expressionism. One of the sculpture centered in the middle of the building of the “Ahmanson” building called “Smoke” really caught my attention. As it quite an enigmatic and stunning metal sculpture that mesmerizes illusions based on your interpretation and perspective of the piece. Granted, there were defiantly a lot of sensational
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