The Los Angeles Facility For Disaster Recovery

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The theme of this paper is expanding the analysis of the problem statement through identification of the issues scope, scale, effect, and so forth, considering various company organization structures. Additionally, the paper’s content outlines the considerations of solving the problem to achieve organization success. This overriding critical IT issue facing the Fox Television network and cable affiliates is disaster recovery. The result of a natural disaster may halt network operations, which will result in a revenue shortfall for outage duration. The expansion of the problem statement is centered primarily in a few levels of the company’s organization, including, individual, traditional and virtual teams, department, and organization.…show more content…
Many may consider that the exploration of the television distribution systems is not related to traditional IT components. However, many elements of the traditional television distribution facility are changing to using IT components, and the identification and analysis methods use a similar analysis approach. This paper’s content will concentrate on the issue of exploring how to move the network to an alternative distribution location.
Problem Statement
The Fox network transmits over satellite communication infrastructure, and terrestrial fiber networks 36 linear television-programing services from its Los Angeles facility. Additionally, the facility provides about 100 Internet provided linear and non-linear television services. These services only provide programming to the United States audience. Other global transmission facilities provide the programming services for the remaining global countries of the world. The Los Angeles facility uses a highly integrated automation system to manage the expense of providing the services.
Computerized data, such as television material, is critical to the survival of the enterprise (Omar, Alijani, & Mason, 2011). The Fox organization relies on computerized systems to provide daily operations (Omar, Alijani, & Mason, 2011). Fox has a strategy for providing an infrastructure for recovering operations if fire, hurricanes or other natural disasters
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