The Los Angeles Locos Hotel

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Los Angeles Locos I’ll always remember the joy the Los Angeles Locos Hotel brought me in Mexico. I never would’ve thought the trip would consist such excitement. The night we saw sea turtles laying eggs, going horseback riding on the beach, and watching a stormy day. Leaving was the hard part, the people I’ll never forget. Waking to the noise of the people’s morning gatherings, drifting to sleep as the ocean waves collided with the sand. My grandmother woke me one morning to tell me where our trip would lie this month. She revealed the location and I started jumping all around the room, especially excited after finding out what activities would be included. A week later I struggled to sleep, familiar with the feeling of too much…show more content…
As we pulled into the giant resort, I had excitement written all over my face. We grabbed our keys after what felt like hours of waiting. I ran up the stairs, keeping my eyes open for the number “210”. Once I found the brown oak door, I ran inside taking in every detail of the room. I opened the door to one room and saw the dimmed, brown tiled bathroom. Then I ran across the room and opened the sliding doors to see the balcony with the view of the entire back of the resort, the enormous pool from one end of the resort to the other end. The ocean was so beautiful and blue, It seemed to never end. I walked back inside and admired the two beds, the way they were made and the orange ribbon in the middle of each bed. We put our luggage away and spent the first day by the pool, exploring the resort. Soon it was dark and we were walking on the beach. We noticed colorful lights coming from a small glass building up close to a mountain. Curiously we walked up the path of stairs, we entered what looked like a club. Once me and my friend Daniel saw the male strippers in neon underwear we ran back outside laughing. We walked back towards the center of the resort and saw that they were having a party. There were chairs all around, the room filled with people. They were playing games and laughing. We found open seats and sat down, joining them laughing at the people 's attempts to play charades. At 2 am we headed back to the hotel room and got some rest because the next day was
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