The Los Angeles Police Commission

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History of Agency: The Los Angeles Police Commission, also known as the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners was originally created in the 1920s. The Board serves as the public’s voice and has their best interest in mind when creating and setting policies. The creation of the Office of the Inspector General was recommended by the Christopher Commission in 1991. It was created in 1995 by the Los Angeles City Charter as an independent unit from the Los Angeles Police Department. The 1998 Rampart scandal initiated an effort for LAPD reform and strengthened the OIG significantly ( The Board of Police Commissioners and many police reform advocates strongly supported the creation of the OIG since it was to be independent…show more content…
The goal of the Office of the Inspector General is to provide independent and effective oversight of the Los Angeles Police Department and to ensure that the LAPD and its employees treat the public with transparency and respect. The OIG supports the Los Angeles Police Commission by being their “eyes and ears”. They also work with the community to educate them about the Los Angeles Police Commission, the LAPD and the OIG. The OIG uses three sections to make sure Los Angeles police personnel treat the public in a respectful and professional manner; they are Complaints and Audits, Use of Force and Special Investigations and Compliance sections ( Organizational Structure: The Los Angeles Police Commission oversees the entire Los Angeles Police Department; many people assume that Chief Charlie Beck is the one in charge but he only manages the department’s daily operations. Chief Beck must report to the board and must implement whatever policies they create. The Police Commission functions like a corporate board of directors; they set policies for the department and oversee its operations, while Chief Beck acts as a chief executive officer and reports to the Board. The OIG is a separate and independent unit from the Los Angeles Police Department therefore it can make unbiased investigations and reviews of the department. The Inspector General is Alexander Bustamante, along with him are three other assistant Inspector Generals. They are Kevin

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