The Loss Of A Family

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“In the midst of emotional pain, it’s difficult to imagine ever being happy. It’s difficult to see anything positive or hopeful.”(Welshons page 1) The loss of a loved one has never been something easy to deal with whether it is expected or not. When we have a loved one who has been sick for a while we accept the reality of what’s to come even though the thought of it hurts us to the core. When we lose a loved one of an advanced age, I believe that we come to grips with the inevitable. My great grandmother is 108 still going strong, but at this point I comprehend that death will eventually arrive to claim her body. I, like many in the family have made peace with this we accept it. We never want to see a loved one go, but at times we are…show more content…
history. During the massacre many of the victims called family members to let them know what was going on. I cannot imagine what the family members of those either hurt or killed where thinking or feeling. I am not a mother yet and I can’t imagine being on the phone with a child of mines listening to their frightened voice right before they got hurt or killed. “Sudden deaths are those that occur without warning and require special understanding and intervention.” (Worden page 187) I believe that in cases like this the grieving process takes a lot longer especially for parents. “The death of a child appears to be out of the natural order of things. It seems inherently wrong. And for a parent, there seems to be no way for the world to be right again.”(Welshons page 124) A parent’s belief is that they are supposed to protect their children from all types of harm. How would the stages of grief be challenged in this situation? Although everybody grieves differently the five stages of grief I believe would almost be followed in its entirety. Stage 1 Denial and Isolation, learning about a loved one’s death will ultimately send those surviving into shock and later into some type of seclusion in order to escape reality. Stage 2 Anger, those left behind will feel all types of anger. In those who lost a loved of suddenly I believe the anger is channeled and dealt with differently. When we expect a death the anger is different we know the death is coming. When it is
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