The Loss Of Innocence As A Child

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Riley Shines Comp II Jim Buchhorn November 19, 2013 Saving Innocence Mornings filled with coloring, recess, and naps; afternoons spent with mom playing superheroes and baking cookies; evenings spent with dad telling him about the cool new friend you met playing Red Rover at school.The life of a child is relatively simple and pain-at least in the sense we often relate it to as adults-is often non-existent and if present usually doesn’t go past not getting to be the line leader at school. So what exactly leads to the loss of innocence as a child? Is it simply something that occurs as you age, or could it be prevented? School age children are often exposed to criticism and sometimes bullying and the older they get the worse it typically gets. Yet, studies have shown that for children predisposed to mental health issues bullying can have serious consequences on the psyche of young adolescents. So why is it as a society we refuse to recognize mental illness in children, we don’t screen for it and in most cases when suspected we don’t treat for it due to their being under the age of 18. We must try as a society to extinguish the negative attitude we hold against those with mental illness problems in order to get our children the help they need and deserve. Each year we see the consequences of denying that teens are in fact ill and passing it off as ‘teenage angst’. We are merely encouraging these teens to act out to gain our attention; we see teens diagnosed with eating
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