The Loss Of Innocence By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In the short story Young Goodman Brown, Nathaniel Hawthorne has his narrator portray Goodman Brown as constantly fighting his conscious over what decisions to make. He includes in the story, the different point of views that Brown looks at his situations from as he is repeatedly put in positions that make him think about if he is going to act using his morals and values he lives by or not. Hawthorne’s purpose in writing Young Goodman Brown is to teach the reader the importance of human behavior and how to cope with making the wrong decisions. Humans are imperfect creatures that do make mistakes and sometimes can be lured into evil actions, but what really matters is the responsibility you take after acting on those wrong doings. Interestingly this short story could be broken down into multiple themes. The appearance of the theme “The Loss of Innocence” is what seems to show up in the story first. Whether it was all made up in Brown’s head or his real life happenings, Brown still made the decision on his own to go into the woods and meet with this devil it shows the cowardly side of him. This makes it worse because it was his own personal choice and it shows that he has fallen for wicked ways. Once he meets with the devil, nothing but bad things are to come for Brown. The devil has brought Goodman Brown’s inner dark side to the light and he feels that life as he knew it has all sort of been a lie. The traveler, also known as the devil, seems to be doing everything but help…
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