The Loss Of Love By Edgar Allen Poe

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"A Dream Within A Dream "by Edgar Allen Poe is a poem about the loss of love , the heartbreaking sadness that one faces and the ephemeral nature of time and fleeting of existence. The poem is well known due to Poe 's various poetic techniques that have been used to represent the excruciating context that Poe expresses in his poem. The main theme of the poem is the loss or lack of love that one faces. By taking a look at Poe 's use of concealed tone and structure, the various poetic techniques used and as well as the concealed literary devices; Poe expresses an excruciating context. One can easily notice that Poe wrote this Poem after he has lost someone of his love ; Poe writes the poem as a reflection to his misery on the horrible event…show more content…
Poe also gives the reader the image of a kiss on a brow which indirectly means that he and his loved one are parting ways in the beginning. This event that Poe uses the image of could symbolize that it is the end of a relationship, time or even life. It is putative how Poe 's loved one claims that life is only a dream, now that Poe acknowledges that fact as his loved one is gone, Poe therefore mentions "Yet if hope has flown away …. The less gone? (Line 6 and 9 ) put across Poe 's hopelessness when it comes to hope. Poe also repeated the word "in" two times in two lines (line 7 and 8) to accentuate how hope is fragile and can be destroyed abruptly at any moment that no one knows. Poe concludes the first stanza by mentioning that "All what we see or seem….. a dream within a dream ". Here, Poe uses alliteration within the terms "see" and "seem" to delineate the reader the fact that nothing that we see or feel is any more real than a dream. In the second Stanza, Poe uses a disparate environment to express the situation " loss of love" ; the excruciating context in the Poem.. Poe introduces the reader to his lack of love or impotence in other words through the imagery of himself grasping grains of" golden sand" that "creep". This image that Poe represents in his Poem is a significant idea because it is ultimately Poe 's central argument that Poe seems to keep on
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