The Loss Of The Animals

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The morale of the animals is in steady decline. They are still shocked from the executions for their comrades. Clover thought she remembered the 6th amendment said, “No animal should kill any other animal”. However when she asked Benjamin to read it he refused. She then enlisted Muriel to the task; she stated that the commandment said, “No animal should kill another animal, without cause.” The animals just accepted that they were mistaken, and that they just forgotten the last two words of the commandments. This is all they could think, as nobody possessed any proof of how it had been. Throughout the year the animals worked even harder than they had worked in previous years. They decide to build the walls twice as thick so no natural disaster could ever bring it down again. The windmill is a symbol of not only the struggle for Russia’s new leader ship, but it represents an impossible dream. The animals started to recognize the similarities between their conditions now and their conditions in jones day. However they couldn’t say for certainty that it was worse as they could not exactly remember that long ago. Ironically every Sunday squealer—representing propaganda—would tell the animals how much more food they are producing, and how much better life is now. They blindly followed but there were days where they felt like having fewer figures and more food. It is revealed to us that Napoleon became less of a public figure and more like a Big Brother esque figurehead.

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