The, Loss Suffered By Holden Acts As A Contributing Factor For His Inner Turmoil And Mental Illness

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Similarly, loss suffered by Holden acts as a contributing factor to his inner turmoil and mental illness. Holden’s younger brother Allie passed away in 1946, and has haunted Holden ever since. He states: ‘He’s dead now. He got Leukaemia and died.’ The bluntness with which Holden reveals his death is representative of the effective use of simple language on the part of Salinger. Complex vocabulary is not used because it is not needed- the incident stands out more against a plainer backdrop. The fact that Allie died of Leukaemia also makes the event more devastating. He died extremely prematurely and Holden’s downfall suggests that his death impacted him in a huge way. Holden was intensely fond of his brother and refers to him throughout the entirety of the novel. He comments: ‘You would have liked him’ when personally addressing the reader. We therefore feel involved in his story and emotion is evoked when we hear of his passing. It also acts as an explanation for Holden’s difficulties. He struggles immensely throughout adolescence as he fails to accept the transition from childhood to adulthood, perhaps because he described Allie as ‘mature’ for his age. This could perhaps be why Holden has such negative associations with growing older: all he sees ahead is death. Therefore, loss endured by both Holden and Esther leads to their eventual depression and isolation from society.
Furthermore, depression and isolation of characters also stems from failure in the academic…
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