The Lost Boy By Dave Pelzer Essay

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The child welfare assessment is based on Dave Pelzer, his family and the experience he went through. All of the information for this study can be found in the book The Lost Boy (Pelzer, 1997) by Dave Pelzer. This assessment includes Dave’s family problems, the system, Dave’s problems, environmental factors and types of interventions and solutions that may have been beneficial for Dave and his family. Problems Problems that comes up in this case study appears to child; physical, emotional, mental, verbal and personal abuse, along with environmental factors that created the initial “family secret,” that Dave talks about throughout the book. His parents have their own personal conflicted problems, along with their abused in substances like alcohol. The family social economic status seems to range in the lower class, as Dave’ father occupation was a firefighter and his mother’s occupation is unknown. Physical abuse of children is a nonaccidental injury inflicted on a child (Crosson-Tower, p.180, 2013). Dave’s mother made him sit at the bottom of the stairs with his hands under his bottom, starved and slept with no blanket in the cold basement. His mother’s alcoholic problems made him, his mother’s sole target for frustration and anger, basically as his mother’s punching bag. Neglectful mother were more than likely to used words like shame and sad more than non-neglectful mother during the study (Camilo, Garrido & Calheiros, 2016). Dave’s mother called him “it,” while his
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