The Lost Garden By Li Ang Essay

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In the novel The Lost Garden by Li Ang, set in the 1980s in Taiwan, the position and the struggle for power of women in society at that time are explored through the different relationships between the main characters. The main character Zhu Yinghong develops a romantic but advantageous relationship with Lin Xigeng, her love interest. However, during her pursuit for Lin Xigeng, Yinghong also develops a beneficial relationship with Teddy to satisfy her sexual needs. Although well-educated, Yinghong struggles to find herself as she falls deeply in love with Lin Xigeng while also being constrained by expectations and social norms set by the society throughout both her relationships because she is a woman. Born and raised to a wealthy family of high social standings in Taiwan, Yinghong, although well-educated, was still raised to uphold the traditional values of a Taiwanese woman. In fact, the reason why Lin Xigeng was attracted to Yinghong in the first place was because she was born to the Zhu Clan. At their first meeting, Yinghong described Lin Xigeng as having a “surprised look” on his face, which was indicative that “she had caught his attention” (24). Lin Xigeng was surprised due to the fact that even though it may seem like Yinghong’s appearance at a businessmen’s dinner was nothing out of the norm due to her education and family background, it was still irregular for a woman to appear at one of those dinners unless they are identified as someone whose job was to keep the

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