The Lost Of My Dad : The Lost Of My Father

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Something that happened to me and changed me was the lost of my father. My father was the closest person to me, he was my best friend and the person I used to trust the most. I remember that he took care of me when my mom started college. My mom was most of the time occupied because of Collage but that did not stop her from taking time to be with me. My Dad was sick since he was 15 years old but he refused to treat his disease and when my mom got pregnant, he never said a word about his disease to her. My childhood was really interesting, I never had many friends; the ones I had were always 2 0r 6 years bigger than me. My mom and Dad broke up when I was 9 but I never felt bad about it. They were still friends. They always wanted the best for me. When my mom discovered that my Dad had a disease was the moment everything started being a disaster at home. My mom got really mad at my father and grandma for not telling her anything, but she stayed with my father after everything. When my father went to the Doctor for the first time, he received dialysis treatment to scour the blood of his system, the first time was for a week; my mom went with him and I stayed with my aunt (my father's cousin). I called my dad every night that week and the friday I went back home I started crying when I saw him. I though about a million things. He was so skinny; not healthy skinny. I run into his arms; he hugged me and told me "be careful " and I noticed the catheter in the left side of his

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