The Lost Woods By H. William Rice

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History has presented hunting as a job and pastime for men for thousands of years. Ancient civilization’s livelihoods rested on the hunting and gathering that men performed for a tribe while the women stayed back to care for the young and cook. It truly is a tale as old as time; however, over time, a very long time, women have found their way into this historically male dominated arena. Women have begun partaking in the “sport” of pursuing animals more frequently than ever before. Despite this, though, females can still find themselves receiving criticism and wayward glances for stepping outside the traditional views of gender roles. In H. William Rice’s collection of short stories, The Lost Woods, the tale “Gobble, Gobble” offers a firsthand account from a young lady who seems to have decided to turn her back on society’s view of femininity to take on her own idea of what her role should be in her family. To even begin viewing “Gobble, Gobble,” through a feminist lens one must understand what feminism is exactly. When most hear the word ‘feminism’ they think of activists demanding women’s rights whilst burning bras and it has a negative connation as a “dirty word”. However, as Merriam-Webster defines, feminism simply is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” With that basic definition in mind one can begin to understand what is meant by seeing the text in a feminist light. Of course, to apply feminism to a text, a person cannot merely
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