The Lost World : Jurassic Park

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The partnership between Universal and Mercedes Benz began in 1997 when the movie “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” promote the Mercedes product “M-Class” car in their movie. In 2015, this idea repeats history where the brand new Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe also revolved in the latest movie “Jurassic World”. It was a secret until GLE Coupe first came out at the same time with a popular action and adventure movie where it create a great image to promote the car. The relationship between “Jurassic World” and Mercedes successfully bring out a high performance, strong and powerful car that upper class people will want to drive anywhere. In the first advertisement, it shares a behind the scene commercial video in the process of making the film to advertise the car. It uses a lot of ethos to promote the car. The authority of famous producers and actors bring the car onto a higher stage. The credibility of these people develops a trust for the audiences to be interested in the commercial. This distinct product fit perfectly because it reflects the character in the movie to be “sophisticated, sexy and smart”; these words were used to describe the car. The image of the main character in the movie is portraying a fancy, upper class and successful business woman. She was wearing a white silk blouse and a white skirt that comes with a tight belt around her waist. She also wore a white suit jacket over her shoulder; which brings out a glamorous look that creates an image of a successful

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