The Lottery And The State Of Georgia

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As the MC announces the letters and numbers, the participants are concentrating heavily over their many cards making sure not to miss the chance for a win. Then you hear “BINGO!” Bingo is only one of three legal forms of gambling allowed in the state of Georgia. The other two are, the Georgia state lottery and raffles, which are all state controlled. Out of the three, the lottery has been the most beneficial to the state. A portion of earnings from the state-run lottery go towards the HOPE scholarship to insure low-income students are eligible to attend some form of continued education after completing high school. These funds from the state lottery are slowly diminishing, which affects the amount of scholarship monies disbursed to needy students. The state of Georgia should highly consider legalizing other forms of gambling. States that have granted casinos the permission to operate noticed a significant increase in the employment rate, benefits from state and local tax revenue, boost in retail sales and a revitalized housing market.
First, when allowing casinos into parts of the state, it brings with it multiple opportunities for employment, i.e., construction jobs, manager positions, server positions, gaming technicians, etc. When casinos enter a state, research has proven that the unemployment rate dropped significantly. According to the University of Chicago, National Opinion Research Center (NORC), “communities closest to casinos experienced a 12 percent to 17
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