The Lottery By Shirley Jackson And The Sisterhood Of The Night

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In the stories “The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson and “The Sisterhood of the Night” by Steven Millhauser both talk about the consequences that someone or the entire village can go through by going against the rules and regulations of a tradition. Observing a tradition is a form of togetherness among every individual and it must be practiced in the right way. Tradition plays an important role in the lives of villagers and it also shines light on how customs and tradition should be practiced according to the way our ancestors have done it in the past. However, it is not one person or a group of people’s idea, it is a laid down rules and laws that can never be changed by anyone regardless of what the situation might hold on to. Most people tend to invent laws that some traditions do not allow, which can lead to conflict and disorderliness in such land. Just like the way at the village square. But not knowing that the majority of the villagers knew the story about the presentation box that is used in conducting the lottery and also have the knowledge of what traditions that was passed to them by their parents, ancestors or Gods of their land. Some people had the belief that tradition is based on “spiritual power” and magical power” to carry out any kind of tradition in the right way. The way the sisterhood believed in magical power and also took a vow of silence to protect their secret and those are the symbols and tradition of their group. In the story, the villagers got

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