The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, is a short story about an annual lottery draw in a small New England town. The town’s people have performed the lottery for more than seventy years. Shirley Jackson gives “The Lottery” a whole different meaning . The lottery is used for a public stoning, opposing to the very first thing that approaches to a reader 's mind when they think of the lottery; a big amount of money . The reader sees both literal and metaphorical meaning of the Shirley Jackson’s short story because for one it shows for face value what the entire story is about, and hidden behind it is the notion of the target being picked like a lottery number. Shirley Jackson narrates the story in a twisted manner. She writes the story in such a way that the reader feels involved and active in the beginning but the climax is when the readers get shocked by the twists and turn in the plot . The storyline is vivid and captivating. By using symbolism; (define symbolism using kennedys definition) Jackson uses names, items, and the setting to conceal the true meaning and intent of the lottery. The names of each character hold very significant meanings to the lottery Jackson uses symbolic names to indicate and foretell what will come to be after the lottery is conducted. The name “Delacroix”(Jackson 266) gives the meaning of “Of the cross” French. Mrs. Delacroix’s friendly relations with the Graves family foreshadows her willingness to kill Tess Hutchinson with a smile on her face .

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