The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Stonings have been around for centuries, it is something I heard about as a child in Sunday school, something I thought was done in the past and not today. Stonings are alive to this day mostly in the middle east. more often than not women are stoned more than men. Convictions in Iran are based on witness testimony, judge conviction or confession; friends, family, neighbors and any other volunteers may participate in the stoning of a victim. Stoning is a horrific way to die, sometimes taking up to two hours to kill the victim. In the story “The Lottery” author Shirley Jackson has the towns people of the story stone one of their own as a sacrifice while in the middle east people are stoned as a punishment for “crime” this act of capital punishment is barbaric and should be banned. In the story “The Lottery” every June 27th the town comes together to participate in the lottery where the end result is one of the towns people is stoned as sacrifice for their crops to flourish. Once all are together the town is gathered every head of the household draws a piece of paper from a black box for his or her whole family. No one is allowed to look at their piece of paper until all the heads of household have received their paper. Once every head of household has their piece of paper everyone looks at his or her piece of to see if they carry the paper with a black dot in the center. Whoever has the black dot in the center his or her whole family has to draw again; man, woman, adult, and

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