The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Shirley Jackson was a master of modern gothic fiction and wrote of the essentially evil nature of human beings. The major focus of her work is to emphasize the psychological dimension of experience and the absolute isolation of a human. Shirley Jackson also believes and suggests that humanity must continue to try to define its own reality, and strive to survive with nobility. Her most famous piece of work “The Lottery,” depicts the cruelty and brutality of humanity in the mass and insensitivity of individuals to the suffering of society’s victim. Although “The Lottery” was widely criticized and was quite “disturbing” at the time it was released, it helped Shirley Jackson path her success in the horror fiction world. No matter how different and violent Shirley Jackson’s writing style was at her time, she is one of the most critically acclaimed authors of horror fiction because of her ability to successfully use different literary elements in her stories. Shirley Jackson was a successful horror fiction author because of the way she dissected her characters almost clinically. Although most of Shirley Jackson’s stories can be classified as gothic and supernatural, her characters are not odd or different in any way, in fact, they seem like normal people. In the story “The Lottery,” the characters are seen as ordinary people from an ordinary small town that engage in an annual tradition. According to Robert B. Heilman, the reader sees the characters of “The Lottery,” as decent,

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