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1. Social psychologists observe that every group develops its own outcast or misfit, who is blamed for all sorts of group malfunctions and woes. Have you observed this dynamic in your own work, school, church, or family groups? Yes this dynamic appears in some schools where a child or any student for that matter is bullied or singled out. Some peoples’ working conditions could possibly have a group malfunction as in co-workers can be racist to one another. 2. We are told a lot about the lottery, but not its exact purpose. Do the townspeople know? Is this omission significant? Intentional? No, the townspeople do not know the lottery’s exact purpose. This omission is not significant because it seems there is no point in the…show more content…
Also you can compare the color of the box to the color of the dot that appears on only one of the pieces of paper. The paper with the black dot resembles who is to be chosen for death. 5. The stones are mentioned five times near the beginning of the story and then five or six times more at the end. Why is their presence so important? What are the historical/biblical associations of “stoning”? Do they apply in this situation? The importance of stones being mentioned so much is the author is trying to keep the reader informed that someone is going to get hurt or killed. Adding to that, the author never actually states what the stones are supposed to be used for, that kept in mind; the reader can come to a realization at the end of the story. The historical/biblical associations of stoning are when back in the old times, someone persecuted of a crime or a non-believer of a religion would be stoned to death. These associations apply in this situation because that’s what’s happening but they do not make sense because the individual being stoned has not committed any wrongdoing to be persecuted. 6. Which characters seem to stand for particular ideas or views? What about Old Man Warner? Look at his speeches and comments throughout the story. Tessie Hutchinson also gets a lot of attention, of course. What is ironic about her being the chosen victim? Does her last name have any significance for you? If not, look up

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