The Lottery Short Story

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At some point in one’s life, it is inevitable to encounter some type of conflict. Whether it is within oneself, a person or a group, it is often a struggle to overcome these conflicts. Tessie Hutchinson, the main character in “The Lottery” faces death due to the tradition of the town. In the short story “The Sniper” the Republican sniper fights in a civil war against the Free Staters and has to live with the regret of killing his brother. Lastly, Andy from the short story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding ” struggles with his identity when no one helps him because he is in a gang. The short stories “The lottery”,
“The Sniper” and “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” all contain characters who face inner conflicts that results in a struggle which leads to the lost of someone dying through a tragic death. Tessie the main character from “The Lottery”, experiences a struggle within herself which, leads to her dying. In the short story, the town has gathered in the square, so they can begin with this tradition in which they follow blindly. This tradition consists of placing their name into a black box and if their name gets picked, their family draws a piece of paper. The one who gets the slip of paper with a black dot gets stoned to death. Unfortunately, Tessie’s family gets picked, “For a minute, no one moved, and then all the slips of paper were opened. […] “Who is it? “[…] Then the voices began to say, “its Hutchinson. Its bill,” “Bill Hutchinson’s got it.” (Jackson 6) Soon after Tessie gets defensive and attempts to get her kids involved whom are now married and belong to another household, to lessen the chance of her being picked. Tessie’s whole family picked papers out of the box. Once they all have their papers, they opened them and sadly Tessie was the one with the black dot. “ ‘It’s Tessie,’ Mr.Summers said ,and his voice was hushed. ‘Show us her paper. Bill.” (8) As she tried to argue and fight for her life she says, ” ‘It isn't fair, it isn't right.’ Mrs.Hutchinson screamed and they were upon her.”(8) This shows that even though Tessie went through

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