The Lottery Short Story

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Arrogance, good and bad, disastrous and calm are all ways to describe characters. Characters better help analyze a piece of literature. However, taking two different stories to give them a similar meaning is beneficial. In “The Lottery” the author uses setting to back up the old tradition as being a right thing to follow rather than questioning it, while “The Necklace” shows the struggle of fitting into society through the use of imagery and setting.
To begin, “The Lottery” is a short story about how a society persecutes a person as a tradition every day. This work shows the effect of society on human nature. Although it may seem human nature is unchangeable, it is not true. Similarly, “The Necklace” is based on a lower-class woman, who is
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As mentioned by Linkner, we should respect the past, but understand the morally right and wrong judgement in each of these traditions. Even though it may be followed for many years if it does not help an individual flourish, why use that method? According to the written story, the setting shows the foreshadowing of the events to follow. In the story, Bobby Martin “stuffed his pockets full of stones”, this shows us that those stones would later be used. Later, we figure out what the stones were used for. However, whenever a member of the society was about to be stoned no one spoke up against it, no one tried to say that is was their family member or friend. The old tradition deemed evil in the modern day, seemed harmless in the old days. Not much was said or done about the murders in the small village and not much could be done to save the individual stoned. The harmful nature of a hypnotizing culture should not be the reason for the death of an individual.
Similarly, in “The Necklace” the author uses imagery and setting to show why Mathilde feels ashamed of her background, which essentially leads to the downfall of her youth. As Maupassant described her as a “pretty and charming [girl]” (Maupassant 1). This creates the notion that pretty girls are suppose to be born in a wealthy family. Also, the creation of a line is established with saying that the poor do not match up to the wealth or looks of the upper class. As the story continued, Mathilde wanted a new gown to

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