The Lottery Symbolism

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To participate in the lottery may be pretty excited for everyone, but what feelings will overflow people if they know that the winner is "rewarding" with death? All people fear faced a death because of human's non-acquaintance what follows it. Feeling of uncertainty, the fear of the unknown and the fear of changing traditions is the main theme of the short story "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. There are three key symbols that reinforce its main theme: characters names, the lottery, and the black box.
Characters name play an important role in the story. Two figurative names Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves have a significant point. Mr. Summers, the owner of a coal business, runs the lottery and other civic activities. His name is sensible because it expresses the lottery itself, which occurs in summer and it makes some readers know the lottery is a yearly tradition. Also, Mr. Summer stands for death; he is the one who brings death, destruction and damage. The town postmaster, Mr. Graves, who is assists Mr. Summers in the ceremony of dramatic lottery, has a name that represent the element of death that is an integral part of the lottery process. Other names such as Delacroix and Adams depict more religious meaning. Family name Delacroix that literally means of the cross appears several times throughout the short story. "The villagers pronounce this name "Dellacroy"" (1) they are perverting the cross, the big Christian symbol of suffering. However, suffering on the cross was a

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